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AGNY 80 Raw ash wood kitchen hood, white cone Motor C52

Codice: CL80-FGBB52 AGNY

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AGNY CL80-FGBC52 hood

Wall-mounted wooden kitchen hood. The hood is supplied with hardware for wall mounting.Mounting like kitchen cabinets. Inside the chimney there are 2 arms adjustable in height and depth that are hooked to the supplied bar that you will fix to the wall with the plugs.

The hood is composed of: Veneered and Edged Ash Fascione, bottom for fixing motor, motor, multilayer chimney, extension in support in multilayer wood (useful for those with high wall units) and wooden border connecting the chimney and extension. Upon request, the extension can be lowered without price increases, or higher at the prices indicated on the suggested products.

Dimensions: L. 80 (79.8) Prof. 48 H.90 (without extension h.62.5)

The hood in this listing is sold as follows:

Band and edge: Raw ash

Fireplace: in poplar plywood, thickness 14, 3-layer spray-painted white, washable.

Bottom: Laminate ash left unfinished

Engine: Inca Smart C 52 cod. 305.0554.557

Suction capacity at 3 speeds 160/220/335

Energy consumption C

The motor has a suction function, that is, it must be connected to an external pipe. The outlet hole is 15 diameter but we also give you a reducer that brings it to 12, if you need it smaller you can find it at the bottom of the insertion among the suggested objects.If instead you have to use it as a filter function, therefore without pipe, you have to take a pair of carbon filters that you always find below, with these you can do without connecting it to the pipe.We also recommend the purchase of filters to those who connect it to the pipe as it keeps the engine clean

The hood is produced entirely in Italy. Warranty valid everywhere. 2 year guarantee

* Own production, product and photos are our exclusive property.

* For changes or customizations do not hesitate to ask

AGNY 80 Raw ash wood kitchen hood, white cone Motor C52 Coppari

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