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Cappa classica STOCK 80 frassino medio - cono bianco - motore 52C

Codice: CL80-FMBHIP52 STOCK 80

Marchio: Coppari

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Classic hood Stock 80 medium ash - white cone - hip plus motor

Hood function both suction (if you have smoke outlet pipe) and filtering by purchasing a pair of activated carbon filters (find the filters at the bottom of the listing)

The fascia is in medium dyed ash, complete with spray paint (3 layers).

The bottom is in gray laminate in matching engine color

The fireplace and the extension (including that used in high wall units) are orange peel with white washable paint

The hood is supplied with fiscer and wall bar for fixing with hangers for leveling.


Width: 80 (79.8) cm

Height: 56 cm without extension, height 84 with extension (included in the price) prof. 45.8


Band painting: Medium ash

Fireplace painting: White washable speckled effect

Motor supplied

Number of engines: 1
Speed number: 3
Lighting: 2Led HV 4000K
Filter: Removable metal mesh mask
Width (cm): 52
Speed 1 2 3
Capacity (m3h) 260 400 580
Power (Watt) 95 110 125
Pressure (PA) 220 280 320
Noise level (db) 56 61 70

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Cappa classica STOCK 80 frassino medio - cono bianco - motore 52C Coppari

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